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Wednesday, 6 March 2019 | 1 comments

We are here to help to find best conference venue

In the past organizing an event was a tedious task that may or may not have borne the result one expected. Gone are the days when one would have to shortlist travel agents, venues and hotels and select possible options available for conferences, meetings, birthdays, weddings and parties. A process that would take anywhere from; a month to six months.

In today’s digital age, what was missing was a platform with the right lineage for this ever emerging event Industry. The launch of conference venue, a unique portal, which is a perfect solution for any individual or corporate, who is in process of finding a perfect venue with few clicks.

 Conference venue makes the whole process simple, informative and customised. Backed by decades of domain knowledge and innovation through new-age technology tools we are constantly and consistently able to deliver to the ever-changing needs of our clients. 

At conference venues we want our clients to do away with multiple steps and enable them to take informed decisions independently also including their unique needs through our pre-emptive customization model, which incorporates minutest of details. Since the core of our service is built on a robust and dynamic platform, we have the unique distinction of being able sustain, scale and deploy our services to numerous requirements right since inception.

At “Conference Venue” are core value lies in; innovation, service and delivery that is expected of us.  The team at “Conference Venue” is committed and has the required experience, knowledge and passion to make venue search easy for customers.

Best conference meeting rooms in India

Tuesday, 22 January 2019 | 4 comments

To conduct successful meetings and conferences companies and organizations always look out for the best conference meeting rooms in India. When it comes to professional events, hospitality department needs to be highly checked and update. All these days companies are hiring the best conference venues for hosting their annual meetings, conferences, product launch etc. All these events come up with a set of demands.

From the hustle bustle of a cosmopolitan city to the serenity of countryside, hill station to a beach resort, India has destinations, which offer unmatched beauty for a business meeting. One experiences a fascinating amalgam of tradition & culture, beauty & nature, style & splendor, warmth & courtesies, comfort & convenience, virtually everything the modern conference organizer or delegate has come to expect from a destination. Conferences in India bring fresh meaning to the concept of combining work with pleasure. 

Great corporate meeting require great setups or spaces. If you yourself reading this article then that means you are looking for one perfect location to organize a corporate event in India, the conference venue has what you are looking for..!!

Orana Convention located in Gurugram city, away from the hustle bustle of the city. How about planning a conference meeting in the most prestigious and comprehensive center in India? If you are looking for one such, then Orana is the right choice for you. The place is embedded in all international needs. It’s the best example of an imperative symposium for art & culture, known for offering an unforgettable experience.

International Trade Expo Centre Limited also was known as ITECL located in Noida city is another best option to opt for conducting meetings. They offer well-equipped conference meeting rooms in Delhi. They are facilitated with phenomenal services required to make an event successful.

Crown Plaza in Mayur Vihar is a budget-friendly and well-equipped hotel for hosting conferences in Delhi. If you have any annual meeting or corporate meeting in upcoming month in Delhi then chooses Crown Plaza. It is very close to the airport and railway station. The hotel offers a restaurant with multi cuisine, car parking space, spa, wifi, elevators etc. They have conducted many successful official events in past years.

Eros, another gem when it comes to best conference spaces in Delhi. Located in Nehru Place, connects well with metro station and Airport. This is one of the best hosting options as they offer all professional facilities. The place has many restaurants, nearby area of the hotel is full of entertainment options, car parking etc. They offer a separate governor room, lounges, and Lutyen rooms. Nehru place already has many corporate buildings and offices so, you will find various relatable options also.

So, we have shared a list of best conference meeting rooms in Delhi, India. If there’s an event in your organization in Delhi, you can definitely choose one out of them all. Share your reviews if you have already experienced any of these hotels for hosting your business event.

Conference Meeting Rooms India

Sunday, 18 November 2018 | 6 comments

India is developing not only digitally but also economically. Various global brands and international organization started introducing themselves in India. There is nothing in which Indian people, Indian organizations are not performing. From information technologies to automobile to hospitality, we are offering a wide area of scope to our clients and customers globally. Considering the same various international and SME organization conducts meeting and conferences. India is one of the best hospitality service provider country. In this blog, we will talk about Best meeting room in India.

Delhi is the capital city of India and is also known for running more than 100 of business ventures. It’s a hub of not only IT but also of many other organizations. Various small medium enterprises, start-ups, and renowned brands have their physical office in Delhi. And so, organizations always lookout for Banquet halls for meetings in Delhi. The city offers uncountable options within high to low range of amount. You can choose one as per your budget preference. When you look for a conference venue for conducting a meeting or any official event, always take care of the following points.

·         Check your budget
·         Location
·         Availability of transport
·         Distance from Airport or railway stations
·         Service Offered
·         Rating
·         Hospitality includes what all benefits

Every event requirement is different but a good hospitality staff is the one who can manage all 360 degrees. There are n numbers of luxurious to 3-star hotels, compelled with suitable services. You can conduct an official conference in The Lalit, Radisson Blu, The Imperial, Taj, The Leela Palace etc. These are a hotel where you can host a successful business meeting, product launch, conference with international clients etc. All these are renowned hotels with 5 to 7-star facilities. They have a beautiful ambiance with international facilities, space for car parking and meeting rooms in Delhi. They offer multi cuisines, gym and pool facilities. There are a lot of other activities offered by hotels which can be taken as complimentary after a hectic schedule of meetings and conferences. Hotel Industry is all set to come up with many other new projects in near future with best of all international facilities. Soon few other centers will get added to the list of Best convention Center in India. Till then you can opt any of these hotels for hosting your delegates and events successfully in any of these convention centers.

Select the Conference Coordinator and make your event a success

Monday, 21 August 2017 | 5 comments

Confused about how to organize your event? Puzzled with the speech and the speaker? Now all your problems are solved – hire the Conference Coordinator .This is the designation mostly managed by women though, men are also now equally gained up their collars for this kind or jobs relating to coordination.

There are number of responsibilities that are being handled by the coordinators like

  • Booking a venue that is perfect as per location and affordability
  • Selecting the speaker and making them rehearse till perfection – often the speech is something they write and handover to the orator.
  • These people make proper schedule and detail the matter of the conference followed by number of promotions both pre conference and then post conferences.
Apart from these Conference Coordinator in India organizes all the conference related handouts, kits and checks the details minutely – letting the event a grand success. These are the individuals who are experts in this kind of liasonnng and finally all the events and conferences stand out to be perfect with the coordinator.

Benefits if appointing a conference coordinator:
Well corporate often face loads of issues that are dealt with internal and some are external so for this reason , the employees and the management fail to coordinate properly with the team for the venue, cannot even do justice to the speech, food etc. now these coordinators once appointed they do the needful perfectly at your pocket pinch. Again most vital thing they conduct is the survey and feedback collection after the full conference is over. This helps the management growth in leaps and bound – as then the owners and the others know the issues to be mend. Finally mostly it has been seen that such coordinators proves to be helpful for all conference meets.

Current trend – for modern India
Well it can be well summed up that the conference coordinators are the best among many if they judiciously do their job well and try and attract clients, audience and also finally collect feedbacks – this has made many corporate a success in past . This trend would surely continue in future too in this regards. 

Find the right conference venue for your company’s event with venue finding services

Wednesday, 2 August 2017 | 2 comments

Whether it is a corporate meeting or business event companies choose conference venue for that event. The venue determines the success of the event. A company should choose the good conference venue. This is because the location of the conference venues portrays a good impression of the company among the participants. Therefore, a substantial amount of planning is needed selecting the conference venue. Finding a conference Venue in Delhi is a difficult task without the correct support and guidance.

Difficulties in venue finding  

  • Organizing and conducting events like international conferences are difficult for companies. Companies need some assistance to stream line the whole task.
  • Also, finding a conference venue is an expensive and time-consuming venture. This is because the company must have to spend time and money for searching the venue and also have to pay for using the venue.
  • Another fact is that most of the corporate meeting venue for events, conferences and meetings have to be organized within a short period of time. This makes finding the suitable conference venue more difficult for the companies.

Make use of venue finding services
In this regard, it is better to make use of venue finding services for this process. This would be easier for the companies to find their necessary venue if they hire such services. Hiring such agency will help the company in finding the perfect conference venue and also removes all the bottlenecks in this process. This will also remove the unforeseen costs involved in finding the conference venue. Most of the companies offer websites so you can visit their site and book your venue easily.

A number of agencies offer this service to the corporate companies. The only thing the corporate has to do is to search for the right company. They will help you find the right conference venue for your company’s event. While searching for venue finding agencies try to choose the agency or company that offers free service. This is because those companies are funded by hotels and conference venues for arranging the venue for the event. Through this, you can eliminate the cost of finding the venue. Make use of such services and find the right venue for your event. 

Conduct Your Meetings With Convention Centers

Saturday, 6 May 2017 | 3 comments

Nowadays online services are used for all common needs of the people. Most of the people use online sites for their basic needs. These services are used by both common people and business people. Particularly, online services play a major role in business fields. One example of using online sites is for booking Convention centers Delhi. That is there are a number of online sites are available that allows users to book best convention center for their occasion. 

About convention center
A convention center is a place that is generally used to organize a convention. In this individuals and group of members assemble to promote and share something based on common interest.  These types of centers normally offer considerable space to accommodate a number of persons or attendees. You can get Best Convention center in India through online sites. Special online services are available that provides you the details of important and special convention centers in India. You can search your convention center based on your need.

Generally, Convention centers Delhi are selected as per the event and the number of attendees. That is if the event is like trade shows or exhibitions then very large convention halls are preferable. On the other hand, if the event is a family function like a marriage or a birthday party then a medium-sized convention hall is sufficient. This basically depends on the wish of the customers. For gatherings like business meetings, a special type of conference halls is available. That is these centers normally have at least an auditorium and also includes concert halls, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and lecture halls.

Even some of the large hotels offer highly-equipped conference halls. In addition, this Best Convention center in India is available with related equipment. For example, if you book a hall for a business meeting then the requirements needed for the meeting such as a projector, speakers, mike, and screens are provided by the conference hall providers.  Customers can get such convention centers at an affordable cost. The price of the center basically depends on the size and luxuriousness of the center. These centers are perfect for all type of meeting and gatherings.